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The shocking inside story of one man’s involvement with one of England’s most notorious hooligan firms.

The best-selling books Blades Business Crew 1 & 2 in one special-edition book, with text and new photos added.

Out on December 4th 2021, pre-order the book now.

All books posted out December 4th 2021.

For over two decades, Steve Cowens was a member of one of the most active and respected football firms; The Blades Business Crew. Steve followed Sheffield United to almost every ground and fought at most of them.

This explosive book tells the inside story of;

Clashes with the top hooligan firms from London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff.

How Sheffield was a city at war as the BBC fought it out with their bitter rivals from across the city, The OCS.

How football firms evolved and how the police tried to thwart the violence.

Here is the most detailed account ever written of the life of a ‘Top Boy’ and his unquenchable thirst for confrontation with rival football firms.

As Steve says. ‘Getting involved in football violence is a total mug’s game nowadays. Did I enjoy the bad old days? You can bet your fire-cracking arse I did, I loved every minute, minus the injuries I sustained of course’.